Yves Saint Laurent Launches Campaign With Jane Birkin & It’s A Win For Mature Beauty — PHOTOS – Bustle


Yves Saint Laurent Launches Campaign With Jane Birkin & It's A Win For Mature Beauty — PHOTOS
The influence of iconic actor Jane Birkin is undeniable. After all, she was the muse for the renowned Hermes Birkin bag. Now the 69-year-old star has confirmed that style is ageless by appearing in a new Saint Laurent campaign while sporting one of the …

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Tips that woman can learn from escorts to give better pleasure to men

After few years of relationship, many men start feeling boredom in their life and relationship both. To bring novelty and excitement back in the relationship females should try some unique things in the life and bring the passion back. For this requirement, women can learn some amazing tricks from sexy escorts so they can give better pleasure and excitement to men. Here we are going to share some of the things women can learn and opt in their love life from escorts.
Where to touch: the male body have so many hot spots that can call feel good zones. Men even don’t know about the passion points of their body. Women can learn about those spots from the escorts. The most sensitive spots of the men’s body are the neck, nipples, ears and many more. So escorts suggest the passionate kiss, massage or rubbing on those hot spots can easily turn on the men and they can get as well as give amazing pleasure to their partners. I am not saying, paid companions get involved in any sexual relationship, but touching is not prohibited and that is why they know this quality and all the benefits or effects of touching men at various places in their body.
About looks: Escorts look amazingly hot and every man like their erotic looks as well. women can learn tricks of amazing and sexy looks from the escorts and please their men. Women can wear hot outfits like lingerie, cosplay costumes and bikinis to bring the passion back to the

relationship. All the escorts look amazingly beautiful and gorgeous in their appearance and that is one big reason me show great attraction toward them. This is a quality that all the men want to see in their female partners. So, it is safe to say, women should learn about the good looks as well from paid companions so they can give more pleasure to their men.

Extras to use: escorts are very much skilled in having fun with men and for this they also take help of some extras like adult sex toys, scented candle, erotic massage, sensual music and many more things. Women can also use those fantastic things to give better pleasure to men. Adult sex toys are great thing when we talk about enhancing fun in the love life. So many different types of adult sex toy are available that can simply provide fun and excitement to the individuals. Here, I don’t mean paid companions use these adult sex toys for their clients, but they do recommended this. And they can say this confidently because men share their secret desires with escorts and use of adult sex toys can be one of those desires.
The list of things that women can learn from escorts may keep on increasing and women can get amazing benefits as well with that. But if women can learn the above mentioned three things from them, then they would be able to offer fantastic feeling to their partner and it will give more strength to their relationship as well.

Minnie Rose & Mary Alice Stephenson Are Celebrating Mature Beauty In A New Campaign — PHOTOS – Bustle


Minnie Rose & Mary Alice Stephenson Are Celebrating Mature Beauty In A New Campaign — PHOTOS
The fight against ageism has arguably never been more public, from Nicola Griffin's Sports Illustrated bikini ad to Carrie Fisher's Twitter rants, many women are no longer standing for the sexist championing of youth. In a similar vein, luxury knitwear

How to make a woman come

The measure of how good you are in bed is always on how great the whole experience feels for your partner. If it is magical then, she will always want you back, if not, then you will be forgotten sooner than a person can say your hotname. When a woman comes, it makes the whole experience that much more gratifying and size really does not matter. There are loaded men who cannot make a woman come.

Know the 10 and 2 o’ clocks

When you are going down on a woman, i9t is not just enough to lick and suck her clitoris. In fact, while she may moan to satisfy your ego, it will get boring for her. You should go to the hood and lick her gently. This will no doubt get her calling your name. You should also concentrate on the marks on either side

Kiss her spine

If you thought the spine is only responsible for sending pain and discomfort messages to the brain, you thought wrong. More than the left side of the spine, the right side, for every woman is more pleasurable. Make sure your moves are curvy and you can tease her, kiss her or stroke her.

Smell good

Yeah you are probably thinking what?! But really no one will be coming at all if you smell sweaty or have disgusting cologne. While you may have a good game, women, unlike men, can think of several things at once. To make her orgasm you will need to ensure that you smell good so that all she can think about is you and what you are doing to her.

Make her climax

After touching up her senses, making her moan and groan, it is time to make her climax. Do not worry once you are inside her, she will lead you until it is done and you will always tell when it is a real one or a fake one.

Beautiful female feet that are near perfect

Aesthetically speaking, the tendency of men adoring pretty female feet is known as foot fetishism. Generally speaking, all types of feet can act as a sexual stimulant, but scientifically, fetishism is concerned with the sexy and hotbeautiful female foot that is near perfect. It is not a surprise that someone would have a favorite foot fetish, but everyone has that something that tickles their fancy more than anything else.

Some ladies in particular do not realize that there are some men out there who are totally obsessed with a woman’s foot. It is also unbelievable that there are some women out there who do not have beautiful feet. This is because many people do not realize that Viber Escorts feet require utmost care just like any other part of their body. Some people do have, dead skin, corns, bunions, basically their feet are not well taken care of. Some people will just lose interest in a relationship once they realize their partner’s feet are not that attractive.

It is important to realize that feet fetishes are a very common occurrence today. There are some men who will look at a woman from head to toe and if her feet are not polished and sexy they will move on to someone else. Men even go to the extent of complimenting women about their feet. We can look at it in this perspective: Thousands of female shoes are sold on a daily basis and many of them are the open styled shoe types. Sandals and shoes that expose the toes are extremely popular especially in summer and spring. That means that this part of the body is exposed and always visible most of the time.

On the other hand women will add jewelry, enhancers, and toe rings, to improve the look of their feet. This is not only for their own pleasure but also because of the effect they have on the opposite sex. Well done feet are an irresistible temptation to the opposite sex. Feet fetish behavior is not uncommon as many would think; actually it is exhibited by thousands of people all around the world.